Adobe buying Figma

Well, this is depressing… :disappointed:

Out of curiosity and without identifying my take on it, why is this a sad development in your opinion?

First of all, it puts one of the most beloved creative collaboration apps in recent times in the hands of a money-hungry, monopolistic corporation. Adobe have a history of hiking prices and lowering software quality through bloat post-acquisition, so I don’t feel optimistic about where Figma will end up.

Figma and Canva were providing genuine strong options for consumers, so to see one independent choice get swallowed up isn’t a positive development for the overall market.

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Oh you have got to be kidding?!?!!

I get it. This is a good business deal, but Figma has been a disruptive, almost community feeling creative product. To see it being swallowed up by a conglomerate is sad. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen over and over again.

Anyway, let’s see what changes Adobe brings to it

Removal of free tier, price hike to paid subscriptions, bloated integration with rest of Adobe suite. :triumph: