Upptime: a website uptime monitor powered by GitHub Actions

I’m on a mission to host my websites as cheaply as possible (currently via a cheap Ionos VPS & Porkbun), and I want to know what quality of service I’m getting. So I Googled “open-source uptime monitors”, and found this, which I started using yesterday:

The clever thing about it is that it’s entirely powered by GitHub Actions, and it uses GitHub Issues as an alerting mechanism. There’s an Action that seems to run every half an hour* that checks whether your sites are up, another that seems to run twice a day that measures the response time of each site and commits it to a file, and another that generates response time graphs once per day from the history of these response time files. It also generates a GitHub Pages site like this, to show the statuses of your sites.

I came across UptimeRobot too, which has a free plan, but I was so impressed by the novelty of Upptime running everything through GitHub Actions that I didn’t bother to check it out. :joy: Do any of you have experience with free uptime monitors?

* It’s actually supposed to check that your sites are up every 5 minutes, but GitHub doesn’t seem to have the capacity for this. The current monitoring frequency is fine for my low-traffic sites though.

I’ve used UptimeRobot and Pingdom (although they got bought out by SolarWinds, who did away with the free tier — another example of how a corporate acquisition can destroy a great product previously, both did the job well enough.

Upptime is quite an interesting concept, though — going to have a closer look.

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Ah ok. I’ll stick with Upptime for now then, and only think about what my alternative options are if GitHub’s Action scheduling delays become a problem.