Adobe buying Figma

Well, this is depressing… :disappointed:

Out of curiosity and without identifying my take on it, why is this a sad development in your opinion?

First of all, it puts one of the most beloved creative collaboration apps in recent times in the hands of a money-hungry, monopolistic corporation. Adobe have a history of hiking prices and lowering software quality through bloat post-acquisition, so I don’t feel optimistic about where Figma will end up.

Figma and Canva were providing genuine strong options for consumers, so to see one independent choice get swallowed up isn’t a positive development for the overall market.

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Oh you have got to be kidding?!?!!

I get it. This is a good business deal, but Figma has been a disruptive, almost community feeling creative product. To see it being swallowed up by a conglomerate is sad. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen over and over again.

Anyway, let’s see what changes Adobe brings to it

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Removal of free tier, price hike to paid subscriptions, bloated integration with rest of Adobe suite. :triumph:

Sounds like a replica of Twitter takeover, but i’ll reserve my comments for a different thread…

Not even Adobe has overseen this level of chaos in any of their acquisitions :sweat_smile: