“The Follower” 🤯

A developer just released the results of his project that takes an Insta photo and then uses AI to search open camera footage to find the video of that photo being taken :grimacing:.


That’s pretty cool. I’m sure this would probably be super helpful to folks in the OSINT community particularly those working on missing people searches at Tracelabs.

I guess the only limitations here would be:

  • does it rely on the location being tagged on IG or is the program able to extract meta info from the image regardless??
  • and i guess obviously this depends on there being open cameras that actually capture footage in the locations one is searching? Probably something i might look into out of curiosity.

Anyone know much about open cameras care to share?

According to the project page, he approached it the other round; started by collecting footage from a selection of open cameras and then searched for IG photos tagged with those specific locations. Far more efficient, when you think about it.

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Ah okay, that does make sense. I guess I was trying to line it up with a difficult use case which would require the reverse method.

I don’t really see much more shared concerning the project. It seems someone had reported a copyright issue here or so. Any idea?

No, I didn’t see any details about the copyright strikes, not sure what the grounds were for the takedowns.