GitHub Copilot: Microsoft sued for open source piracy

This is rather alarming going through the news report and not one I saw coming.

From a security standpoint, its shameful to see that they’re also aiding leaking of secrets as a result of unfit code.

To be fair, this probably should be the first of many lawsuits against companies that have either: a) deluded themselves into thinking that IP protections somehow don’t apply to commercial ML systems that learn to imitate publicly accessible work; or b) assumed that the cost of the legal battles will pale in comparison to the profit that these systems will generate. It seems like these systems could cause even bigger problems in the art world (in that we seem to be closer to being able to automate art creation than we are to being able to automate software creation), but I haven’t heard of any lawsuits in that industry yet.

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It would be one thing if Copilot was genuinely imitating publicly accessible work, but in many cases, it’s simply reproducing the work of other developers without respecting any of the legal obligations placed on human consumers.

There may not be any lawsuits against AI-generated art yet, but you can bet it’s only a matter of time…


I think the second line of thinking comes from the feeling that not many people would be willing to challenge them. Quite frankly, I didn’t even see the lawsuit coming even though I had major concerns with their approach to producing those systems.

Exactly, as the world continues to be come ‘woke’ in some areas which I find quite unappealing, it seems to be also taking a steer where people aren’t afraid to challenge some of these Tech giants and I believe for a better/safer tech-enabled future, that’s quite ideal.

I still remember copilot suggesting to me my exact code from a different repository :rofl:

The sheer audacity!? :sweat_smile:

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