Domain registrar price comparison

I’ve been trying to figure out what domain registrar offers the cheapest .com renewal prices, and I came across this comparison site:

I’m switching to porkbun (from the somewhat misnamed namecheap). They charge $9.73/year for renewals, which isn’t quite the cheapest, but they have loads more positive reviews than the cheaper alternatives listed there. Does anyone know of a good registrar that charges less than this for .com renewals?

I dont have the answer you are seeking🤔

But i would just quickly say - that’s a really useful tool for price comparison. I looked deeper into the reviews and majority of what people were saying made them choose porkbun was the usability of their environment as well as just general good service/support. Though i did notice a disparity when compared to more recent comments which were less convincing of the platform.

I guess as you’re exploring other options probably would be useful to keep that in mind.

One thing that caught my eye were some reviews about them rewriting their dns records automatically. Not sure what your usecase is but definitely worth verifying if you’re switching over to them

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Thanks for looking at the reviews more carefully than I did – I didn’t notice the complaints about DNS records being overwritten. I’ve only transferred one domain to them so far. All my websites are hosted on Ionos, and Porkbun automatically copied the list of Ionos name servers that I’d told my old domain registrar to point to. So the domain that I transferred continued to work without me having to manually configure anything. All my other DNS settings are in the Ionos DNS server, so it seems unlikely that Porkbun would automatically change anything other than the name servers. Hopefully that won’t happen! :grimacing:


Yeah fingers crossed!:grimacing:

I’ve never selected registrars based on price as I value customer service and platform usability over saving a couple of pounds per year. Mine certainly can’t beat that on price, so if that’s the cheapest provider you’ve found with decent reviews, I’d say just go for it.


Well as far as I recall, I haven’t needed support from a domain registrar before. I’m hoping that that’s because I make minimal use of their services, and not because I’ve been paying them a premium.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be a big annual saving for a single domain compared to my previous registrar, namecheap, who charge $14.76/year. But the savings become more significant when you have multiple domains. I currently have five domains, so I’ll be saving $25/year once I’ve transferred the other four over. One of them was originally registered to 123-reg, who charge £20.39/year, which is about $23/year. Compared to them, Porkbun will save me $67/year in total. I’ll probably want to buy more domains in future too, so cost isn’t an insignificant consideration.

Fair point, makes sense!