A mechanical analogy for electronic circuits

Electronics has always seemed really unintuitive to me, and that’s put me off making an effort to learn how to design circuits beyond really basic things, like connecting light bulbs to a battery. I’ve always wanted an intuitive analogy for thinking about what each component does, and how components interact, but the only thing I’ve come across is the water-in-a-hose analogy, which only explains what current, voltage and resistance are. So, although I rarely ever pay attention to product adverts, I was really excited when I saw an advert for this (check out the “see how it works” video):

It’s a bit pricey, and none of my current project ideas require an understanding of electronics. But it looks like so much fun that I’m tempted to get it as a birthday present for myself! :nerd_face::partying_face:

Well, you’re right — it’s a very intriguing concept, but it’s also more than you’d want to spend for an impulse purchase. :sweat_smile: Would love to see it in active use, though!