Careers Month: A Conversation with Sonia Patel (System CIO NHS) on Being a Women in Tech

We were joined by Sonia who shared her journey and work in the tech industry whilst being a parent. We then had a Q&A where she answered specific questions from the experiences of Black women in our community, which we believe many other Black women have also experienced!

– Timestamps –
00:00 – Introduction
11:20 – Have You Ever Had To Sacrifice Family Time For Work?
13:12 – Have You Been Robbed Of Progression Due To Work?
20:53 – Advice In Transitioning To Health Tech?
24:33 – Why Am I Not Getting Feedback?
30:40 – How To Maintain Personal Resilience?
32:05 – Considering Time Management: Family, Career And Me Time?
34:23 – Spill: Therapist Network
35:20 – Did You Feel Pressure To Over Perform And What Were The Effects?
38:08 – Black Female Senior Leadership
42:30 – How To Get Mentorships
47:55 – The Power of Building Local and International Working Relationships
50:50 – Conclusion