Sprint Retrospective

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Did you recently start a Scrum Master role and unsure with how to effectively faciliate the Sprint retrospective with your team members? I hope some of these suggestions and recommendations help in some way, I know it can be stressful starting a new Scrum Master role without any guidance. So don’t be afraid to take notes and apply what could work for you. If this was helpful to you starting your new job, leave a comment below sharing your experience with us!

Available Resources for you:

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You can take these guided steps below if this is something you want to do:
Step 1: Research to see if it is something that aligns with your personality and desire
Step 2: Understand why this is for you and level of commitment
Step 3: Determine if you would prefer self-study or guided with a mentor
Step 4: Take the Course (2 days or 4 weeks/more program)
Step 5: Join Community of Practice (Scrum Master Champions on Clubhouse)
Step 6: Get Certified
Step 7: Practice, Practice, Practice Interview Questions
Step 8: How are you implementing agile in your day-to day life?

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Clubhouse: Scrum Master
Clubhouse Club: Scrum Master Champions
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